Excellence: this is the essential mantra that has always distinguished our production since its birth.
The year was 1930, one of the most innovative periods in fashion, and gloves were seen as an essential item.
And it was my great-grandfather Antonio, in that period, who laid the foundations of our company, then my grandfather Giovanni took the helm in 1950 (another legendary period for fashion) and in 1975 my father Antonio gave life to "DUECCI by Antonio Colonna" where "DUE" represents the birth of his two daughters, while "CCI" represents the family itself.
In 2008, after an intense period of work in our family business, I had the privilege and responsibility to take the helm of the company giving life to "DUECCI by Simona Colonna", continuing the work started by my forebears with accuracy, passion and dedication, carrying on in the great Neapolitan glove-makers tradition.
Our philosophy has always rested on "pillars" built to make our gloves immediately recognizable compared to other trade proposals on the market.
First of all, the very high quality of the raw materials used, carefully selected; the originality of the creative stylistic research; a wide range of models; a perfect manufacture that means an impeccable wearability (we are very fond of the ancient saying: "it fits like a glove") and that shows our passion for embroidery; last but not least, the priceless ability of my collaborators, bearing testimony to the excellence of this great Italian and Neapolitan tradition.
Dal profumo di nappa che aleggia all’interno della nostra manifattura scaturiscono anche le politiche aziendali che, nel corso degli anni, hanno portato a risultati di notevole spessore come possono testimoniare le prestigiose collaborazioni con griffe di grande valore internazionale vedi: “Brunello Cucinelli, Gianni Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Dsquared2 ” solo per citarne alcune.
At the same time, there is no lack of presence in the most important world events held in those big cities historically suited to fashion: Milan, Paris, New York, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg.
We can also deal with buyers of all nationalities who, over the decades of activity, have given us enormous satisfaction.
Which is a constant incentive for future improvements, creating a combination of historical "manual" artisanship with the necessary "industrial" innovation.
This combination allows us to test and introduce new materials, maintaining the quality standard that the customer demands from us and fulfilling those particular requests coming from the above-mentioned brands. Requests that, sometimes, seem impossible to achieve and that’s why experimentation cannot be missing
which means overcoming our own limitations, without ever "resting on our laurels".
Today, our glove-art is expressed in the collections for women, men and children, created with the most versatile materials.
We can’t stop pursuing our standards of value and uniqueness, the high quality of our products, their seductive design and the tradition of Neapolitan style that each pair of gloves fully embodies.
We love to imagine, with a smile, that special moment when the lucky owner of a pair of our gloves will wear them and give them new life.
Because, for us, this is not just a “simple” accessory, but it’s the story of our family.
Simona Colonna