Proud to receive this important prize from the President of the Naples Commerce Chamber, mr. Ciro Fiola.
A recognition that bears witness to many years of passion, craftsmanship, sacrifice.
Mine and my family. Thank you very much: S.M.

ANDREA BOCELLI - Teatro San Carlo

A heartfelt thanks to the dear Andrea and Veronica Bocelli, for having welcomed us in a place where we can live the magic of culture, art and history as the Teatro San Carlo in Naples.

Thank you for appreciating our gloves from the Gabriele d'Annunzio collection: "Venturiero" and "Piuchebella".

For the occasion we had the honour of creating an exclusive "Total White" version of the "Doctor Gabrile" model that the Maestro will wear during his performances.

Special thanks to the Sovraintendente Rosanna Purchia for her kindness.

The Colonna Family is grateful.

Lady Marina di Guardo - La Memoria dei Corpi

She kept her right arm laid on her dress, holding the fan and gloves in her hand.

( Il piacere )

Limited Edition Collection

Pieces for References

The Cultural Project

The idea to celebrate the one who has been and still is an undisputed master in elegance, Gabriele d'Annunzio, was born after a pleasant meeting between the president of the “Vittoriale degli Italiani” Foundation, Giordano Bruno Guerri and the glove-maker Simona Colonna, who’s currently at the helm of the Duecci Guanti craftsmanship.