Who am I? My nickname is "Alice in Wonderland" because I live in a world of my own, made of ingenuity, amazement, almost childlike enthusiasm. Milanese by generations, I graduated in English Literature and the knowledge of foreign languages has allowed me to open an important way for the world of work and to satisfy my great desire to travel.

Writing and reading have always been my passions and my company. A Register certifies this attitude, without any further additions. The blog that I enjoy writing – the technological evolution of my teenage diary – is the most direct way to know me, beyond the artifices of my personality.

Lightness is my mission, irony and above all self-irony are a mantra for me. Passions guide me, curiosity keeps me busy. Fashion is a dream and a game, fun and continuous wonder.

I’m competitive, but only with myself, I’m into yoga, skiing and vintage car races. Take everything away from me but my favorite football team!

I’m a proud mother of two extraordinary teenagers, who have become accustomed to this rather unconventional mother between criticism and laughter. And I’ve got a husband who, thanks to his proverbial patience, has been supporting and putting up with me for almost thirty years.

The Gloves: given her passion for vintage cars, I’ve made, for Giannina, special driving gloves in a bright orange color that matches perfectly with her dynamic and irrepressible nature.



Elegance is in the detail, but also originality is expressed in the same way, even if explicitly seeking the effect and coming as a surprise.

I live pleasantly in these two areas. The absolute elegance tends to bore me, the exasperated creativity disturbs my search for beauty, but the balance between these two worlds fascinates me and stimulates me constantly: the rules of elegance are those from my childhood, a touch of madness and eccentricity are my way of being, my exuberance, my enthusiasm.

Getting dressed is a great fun, it’s showing off, it’s communicating the mood of the moment. The accessories are what absolutely help me to achieve the desired effect: hats, bijoux, shoes and of course the gloves, the least obvious but most surprising accessory.

A clear memory of my youth is linked to the party for my 21 years, the "Party in Red", deliberately inspired by a memorable birthday of my beloved Grace Kelly, a Scorpio like me. I wore a beautiful red tailored dress, belonging to my aunt G., incredibly current at that time. My personal touch were the long black lace gloves, which I have never taken off, not even when it came to finishing the making of the strawberry risotto.