I was born in the province of Trento where I live with my family. I’m a journalist, and I’ve been working between Trento and Rome for twenty years, where I coordinate the press offices of important Public Bodies. 

In the 90s, I inherited the family house, Casa Campanelle, a 16th century noble residence, which I saved from ruin. After years of conservative restoration and passion, Casa Campanelle has become a space where I could collect beautiful things, a combination of art, culture and good living, where you can breathe uniqueness, quality and authenticity. A journey through the search for Beauty, stopping to pay a visit to some art sites in all its forms and expressions of the contamination between them.

"During its rebirth, Casa Campanelle has changed with me, but above all I have changed in this space that has become more and more mine, furnished in my image and style. The inspirations came from people, fashion icons; from places and territories with genius loci; from objects, unforgettable masterpieces; from cinema and theater, from photography, music and dance, from literature. From design and architecture. From taste, intended as a banquet of ordinary flavors for living an extraordinary everyday life. The inspirations have their origin above all from the House, intended as a privileged place to live the time, developing creativity, experiencing emotions and living with passion. A house designed for dreams, atmosphere and interpretation. No matter what the size or style are, each residence has its green room (green space), represents the heart of everything, represents yourself and your taste. It represents fire and love. Your Home, a unique space, a daily stage where, according to this script, the Beauty, interpreted by the gentleman, and the Passion, interpreted by his lady, are the protagonists of a love story".

The Gloves: a particular musketeer glove in ivory tone for Donatella. Designed and made especially for her, horse-woman and swordswoman of the Modern Times. Raw cut and strictly hand-sewn in the most rigorous Neapolitan tradition.



Maybe because I've always been a dreamer and I never stopped believing in my childhood dreams, but I've always wanted to live in castles, with horses and swords defending the good from bad.

I found my Castle and it’s Casa Campanelle, without a doubt. I found the horse, too: my beautiful Asmodinia, a 17-year-old Italian Sella, already admired as a dressage champion. With regard to the swords, my passion for fencing, born when I was still a school-girl, could not remain long unheard when I built my first mask with a sieve.

There’s no doubt that gloves, as "clothing accessories", are intimately linked to my passions – riding and fencing – but they can also tell about my image, representing femininity first, a value that every woman should defend even before using it.

Furthermore, the gloves have also a strongly evocative meaning for me: they are the piece of a work of art, what for me is hospitality, a kind of art that I try to dedicate to those who choose to stay at “Casa Campanelle charme & design”.

My house is a stage, that I’ve always love to set up with furniture and objects, always looking for new set designs, just like a theater, where I love "acting" and being a protagonist. For example, at “Casa Campanelle charme & design”, the Breakfast is a magical moment: it’s served directly in the suite, at the time previously indicated by the guests, by a maid. The maid is me, that is the landlady, and my formal uniform has a very important meaning: it represents the link between my guests, my house and myself. The maid recalls the style and elegance of distant atmospheres and the splendour of this great house now faded over time. Here, slipping a pair of white gloves, I serve coffee in silverware and French porcelain: I like to think that I can give to that unique and sensory moment, a déja-vù, a fascinating experience able to stop time, bringing my guest back in a sort of journey in the journey, experiencing even more the taste of a new day, a new opportunity, a new adventure.

About Travels, my driving gloves are always with me when, with my car, I take the bends between my beloved mountains and the Opera in satin, so long and close to my heart that I’m able to feel, while wearing them slowly, the symphony of a concert of arches in the garden, far in time.

It’s magic. And the spell is in the meeting, the exact moment when the hand joins its second skin. The gloves speak about image and intimacy, form and substance, passion but also strength of purpose and control, respect and "manners". Gloves can tell us so many things!

An important story, like a fairytale starting with "Once upon a time, there was a pair of Duecci Gloves", a Love token. It’s impossible to wear them without living a daydream on the saddle of Asmodinia, with my Mag-tech sword Leon Paul and among the woods in front of Casa Campanelle.

Come to think of it, if I look at them or feel them, these Duecci Gloves would be perfect even for a hunt with the falcon.

At full gallop!